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Astrology | Dade County

Interested in Astrology? Visit Botanika By Niño Prodigio (Puerto Rico LLC.) in Dade County.

Learn More About Astrology

Astrology is the study of movements of planets and how they affect our stars. It is thus related to your zodiac.

In order to understand astrology, it is important to have the proper guidance. At Botanika By Niño Prodigio (Puerto Rico LLC.), we sell astrological books which will disperse all your doubts. These books are written by El Niño Prodigio himself , where he beautifully explains the laws of astrology. If you are an aspirant astrologer or simply curious about how it works, drop by our shop to go through our books.

Astrology is a language, if you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.

Astrology Dade county

Astrological Books and Guidance

It is said that astrology reveals the will of Gods.Whether you have developed an interest in astrology or want to deepen your knowledge, Botanika By Niño Prodigio (Puerto Rico LLC.) has got you covered! From the best selling astrological books to religious artifacts, our store has every item to enhance your knowledge of the spiritual world.

Sponsored by El Niño Prodigio himself, which is a well known Latin astrologer, you can find all his works and products in our store. We are located in Little Havana in Miami.

Astrology reveals the will of Gods

Astrology Dade county

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